“I have no doubt he’ll art direct the work extremely well. I’m always fully confident the work will look great.”
– Creative Director

“Open, thoughtful and challenging in the interests of making the work better, rather than the more opinionated and defensive takes we often get.”
– Board Director

“He lets me take on the work and develop it, and add my value as a designer. I find his personality to be humble which allows for better collaboration.”
– Design Director

“He’s been a great mentor. He always remains calm even in stressful situations which really helps keep everyone else calm, getting any issues sorted out quickly and effectively.”
– Junior Creative



“Has an understanding of production that is, frankly, quite rare in most of the CDs and ECDs. Happy to do his research, and make sure that shit gets done.”
– Integrated Producer

“Really takes the lead – extreme ownership suits Gareth because he’s always fully immersed in the task to produce the best work.”
– Project Manager

“Great presenter. He has a good style when talking through his work that is passionate and clearly explains his logic/thinking. You can see the audience connect and listen to him.”
– Client

“He’s always a measure of calm professionalism. Things just get done, and done well. He’s also very easy to get on with as well, which helps. Even under some fairly intense provocation, there is no shouting and screaming.”
– Account Director